Want to have your individual artwork displayed at Paramount's Art Night? Enter the PTA Reflections Contest!

PTA Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home. Students of all grades and abilities may participate and explore the arts based on the 2019 – 2020 theme: Look Within.

First place in each category will be sent to the regional competition. All entries will be judged by persons not affiliated with Paramount Elementary. 

Hint: Entries are scored on three criteria: 20 points for Interpretation of the “Look Within” theme, 10 points for Creativity, 10 points for Technique. Make sure to write your “Artist’s Statement” about how your piece relates to the theme! And DO NOT use trademarked characters as it is an automatic disqualification.

Entries are due to the front office on Wednesday, October 23.

Reflections Entry Form

Official Rules for each category: (Idaho PTA has not updated the category rules to reflect this year's theme, but the rules are the same)

Dance Choreography

Film Production  


Music Composition  


Visual Arts

For more information contact us at or see the Idaho PTA Reflections Page